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Default Re: I want to make a Tutorial.....

Originally Posted by prettypiggysboutique View Post
Oh good grief you ladies are making way too much out of it! I just thought it was funny! At first I thought it was a joke I didn't mean anything rude by it! Sorta like do as I say not as I do!

It came off as a bit rude. She was simply offering a suggestion to the original poster (a good one at that) about checking for grammar and punctuation. It helps tremendously with the level of professionalism when you're selling things. As for a post on an open forum, correct grammar is usually the last thing on someone's mind. We aren't charging people to read these posts, so I don't see how it matters if they are 100% correct.

Sometimes typing something makes it hard to ensure that the proper tone is conveyed. Next time perhaps you should reread your post to make sure that a joking tone was presented.

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