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Default Re: How do you cut 4.5" ribbon for clip lining?

Originally Posted by awhite214 View Post
I made several 4.5" marks on the back of an old cookie sheet and I use my woodburner to cut them. That's the quickest way I've found.
Genius! I really need to get a wood burner.
Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
I just cut a template out that measures 2.25 and wrap it around and cut on one end. This way I can cut several at once. Then I just quickly swipe them over my woodburner.....HTH
That is also a great idea!
Originally Posted by hilogirl_96720 View Post
I pre-line mine with tape then use my woodburner to cut them on a piece of glass with a ruler underneath. Love mabear's idea!
very good also....
Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
I use my rotary cutter and mat. I have it marked on my mat (4.5 then another mark at 9 and so on) so that I can cut several then move them out of the way and go on to the next. Works well for me. Then I ususally have my hubby heat seal the ends for me while I'm cutting lol
I need to get me a mat and cutter.
Originally Posted by lilbrownbasket View Post
I got a scrap piece of Granite and painted the marks on it of the measurements i use the most then use that to measure out and cut the ribbon with the wood burner so it seals it all in one swipe..
This sounds dang handy. I have granite countertops and it rocks crafting on it! In fact, when I make rolled roses, I actually glue the bast to my granite and go from there. It holds it really still, then I can just peel it off. Also, it is great because I don't' have to worry about where I am sitting my glue gun. Just one question though...isn't is so heavy?
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