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Default Re: Tut for itty bitty bows?

LOL I can't believe this old post is still in circulation! The link for the figure 8 method can have perkier loops if the x is made more tall (if the figure 8 is sideways), if that makes sense. In my method (the picture on the first page) you simply rotate the fronts of the loops more vertically on the pin to make them more perky. I do all of mine on templates now, and then slide off pinned onto my couch cushion, no using fingers to measure LOL. I have too many customers that order repeatedly and want a uniform product just like their last order, KWIM? If you don't have a couch armrest, egg crate foam rolled very tightly and covered in fabric (yes a clean, mismatched sock will work) makes a nice, big pincushion HTH!
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