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Default Re: Xmas giving.. want to

Originally Posted by CMags02 View Post
I think this is a GREAT idea...the only suggestion I would make is that perhaps we could put what ever it is we share password protected (like on the google thingy) so that those who don't participate don't get the proceeds of those who do...saying this knowing that there are quite a few lurkers here that come just to get the free stuff without contributing to the forum
I think it is a perfect suggestion. Is there anyway we can get this thread to be a sticky? Put someone in charge that keeps track of who contributes? Have a certain date all things need to be in by. Maybe one person, or a group of people who are in charge of collecting the information (tuts, designs, etc), then passing it all out at once? That way those who contribute, will benefit, and those who do not, don't? I like the password idea better, if we can do that? Sorry, late, to much caffeine, and thinking to
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