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Default Another Bottlecap Sealing Question

I've been making my caps with images that were printed at WalMart or CVS and use ET Lite to seal them. My dd asked (haha begged) for caps with that Justin boy's picture on them . Anyway I printed them on our printer at home on glossy Kodak photo paper, applied with the Xyron sticker maker and sealed with ET Lite (no acrylic sealer or Mod Podge on the images). They came out great - smooth and glossy without any bubbles. I'm a little concerned though about how the image will hold up over time - do these self-printed images yellow and/or fade? The inks didn't bleed and there aren't any "oil" spots on them so does that mean it's all okay? Just wondering if anyone else does their caps without sealing the image prior to resining & if they've ever run into any problems later on down the road.
Heaven forbid if Justin's picture should ever discolor - my dd would have a fit LOL!
TIA! <3
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