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Default Re: Help with Cricut vinyl transfer paper

Originally Posted by cobyshayngirl View Post
This may be easier:

Ok so you have your mat with the vinyl already cut. Remove everything but the letters or whatever you're wanting to put on the wall. Make sure you take out the little pieces inside the letters that you don't need as well.

Once that is done, remove the paper backing from your transfer paper. Lay it over your lettering on the mat. Start on one side and make sure you lay it smooth. Rub it with a credit card or the little smoother thing that comes in the cricut tool kit.

Slowly peel back the transfer paper from the mat. Your letters should be sticking to the transfer paper. If not, lay back down and rub harder. Once your letters are all transferred to the paper, you can now put it up on the wall, or whatever project.

I buy the 6" wide rolls of transfer tape. I know that those lines are straight, so I try to line it up with the lines on my cutting mat so when I go to apply it on the wall, I start with my lettering already straight on the transfer tape.

Hope this helps! GL!
So I don't do anything with the grid lined see through paper? I just use the sticky paper? I thought the grid lines would help me adhere the vinyl to the wall straight.

I'll try your suggestions when I get home tonight. Thanks for you help.
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