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Default Re: Crochet Headbands Measurements

I just got to measuring mine but one is 7" flat and the other is 5" so I don't know which measurement to try LOL Both fit my 7 y/o and my 2 y/o so I guess its the same measurement for any size.

I got mine at HL by the roll at 99 cents a yard... UUUMMM Guess that is not a good deal plus is a hassle to get the right measurement. I am just starting out and didn't want to invest a lot of $$$ is they wouldn't sell, kwim?

How good do these sell for you? Is it better to make them interchangeble or not? Better seller with bows or flowers?

So many questions!!!! I want to do craft shows next year so I am trying to make inventory since I have none

Thanks for the help!
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