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Default Re: I love this bow, but can't figure it out!!

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
I tried what I said earlier and it looked similar but the tails weren't the same as in that picture. This is how I arrived at that type bow.

1st picture is how you normally would wrap it, with the edges all lined up.

2nd Picture is the front of the bow. I basically wrapped it the same as before, but then pulled the top ribbon and tail down over the middle section and made it over lap. I did the same thing with the bottom ribbon and tail, I pulled it up over the middle section and made it overlap.

3rd picture is how it looked in the back after wrapping it.

4th picture is my bow. Looks the same to me, just with diffrent slanted tails instead of v-cut. I left it raw so you could see it better.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I did it quickly. I also hand tie mine with a gator bite, if that helps!!!
You don't know how much you have helped me out. Your instructions are awesome, very easy to understand. You should consider doing a tut.

I also know what you mean about not being responded to. I don't post often either, because my schedule is so busy that I just don't have the time. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this forum and their are some very friendly ladies on here. I know that some of the ladies have been on this forum for years and have bonded and built relationships, that's to be expected. I am thankful for ladies like you who help new bowmakers such as myself.

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