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Default Re: What do you use to wrap your bow center

I've always wondered the same thing.

I freehand my twisteds with clips from Sally's and use wire. What works best for me is placing the wire through the underside of the clip and out each end of the top and then taking two grip tools (can't remember what they are called for the life of me! Similar to wrenches) one in each hand, knot it and pull the wire as tight as I can. Then I put the ends of the wire back through the opposite sides of the Sally's clip and knot the other side the same way and clip the excess wire. This way the knot is super tight, not too bulky and it's much faster than sewing for me. I'm not the best sewer though!

The only time it borders on too bulky is when I have layered bows with 2 or 3 separate bows and I have to put them together. It becomes somewhat bulky and heavy but I think it would be heavy regardless of whether I use wire or thread due to the amount of ribbon used.
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