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Default Re: Copyright infringement.

This doesn't have to do with bows, but I had an interesting experience with tutu photos. I happened to be on Etsy and I noticed someone using one of my photos for a hot pink pom pom tutu. It was the only tutu she'd sold, which I found interesting in itself. I sent her a convo explaining it was my photo and would she please remove it.

She replied in all caps saying she made the tutu and her best friend took the photo and that I better not contact her again.

Naturally, I couldn't resist contacting her again. I sent her the link to the photo on my flickr page (posted months and months before she put it on Etsy) and unless she lives in my house (without my knowledge) and put each pom pom in the exact same place and used the exact same spot on my living room wall, and took the picture with the exact same poor quality, there's no way she made that tutu. The best part is that her profile is all about how much she loves the Lord. So....being a smart aleck, I mentioned that for someone who loves the Lord so much she has some pretty flexible morals. (really, why lie over something so silly?) Let's just say it was quite a heated response full of "saved Christian lady" etc. but no more claims about the tutu. I didn't bother responding and she is still using the photo.

I don't make the tutu anymore, it's a pain to make, and I don't care if she makes it all day long, I'd just like her to use her own photo.

Sorry for the long winded tale...just thought I'd share.
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