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Default Re: prayer request for mother of 4 on life support

Thank you so much, you ladies are just amazing!

Originally Posted by tinyt19784 View Post
i can help you out with this, send me a pm and let me know if you need me to do the finished caps or if you just want the supplies to do them. i can do it either way this is sooo sad but like you said her time on this erath was done or she wouln't have gone home to be with Jesus!!

lots of prayers and hugs for the family and friends!!!
Thank you, I sent you a pm

Originally Posted by tpj58 View Post
What a beautiful tribute to your friend. She was lucky to have a friend like you Hugs and well wishes!
Originally Posted by mpz28 View Post
You are a good friend/sister.. She is in heaven with the lord! it is so hard to loose someone and I will be praying for you and her family especially her babies.
Thank you ladies, I can honestly say our friendship was beautiful and very rare.

Originally Posted by lulafairy View Post
I know this may sound strange but what a blessing she went on her own in her sleep. Her husband did not have to watch them take her off life support and ultimately did not have to be the one to decide to let her go.

God is merciful even in a dark situation you can see him shine. May you all be blessed.
not strange at all, this thought actually ran through my mind earlier today. Since she was not married her father was the one to make the decision & they hadn't spoken in some time so I know it would've been so much harder for him to have to make that decision. God sure does know what he is doing, even when we can't seem to understand why. Thank you for your encouraging words.
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