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I just got a BigShot & really like it alot. I got it specifically for cutting fabric. It does a very good job, but I think some of it depends on the dies you get and what fabric you are trying to cut. I could be wrong, like I said, I haven't had it very long. The Sizzlet dies didn't cut felt for me at all, and I didn't think they cut thinner fabric either until I read (on here probably!) about putting a piece of copy paper between the fabric and the die. That actually helped a lot. It'll cut through thinner fabric as long as the paper is there. I guess it stabilized it. The larger dies go through even felt like its nothing. (I think they are called Originals and Bigz) Probably could put a couple of layers of it in, but I haven't tried...yet. Hope that helps. Also, I bought the one with the push button instead of the hand crank. Way better, faster & easier!!! It cost a little more, but I am already happy I did!!
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