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Default Re: Help With Instructions

No worries... you're to use 1.5 actually.. =) But it's ok..That's how we learn. I'd say try with 3.5" for the top and 4" for a start... don't forget, use 1.5".

p/s: You can crease the 2 criss-cross thingy (lol) together.. (Might be thick but shud be ok)

Originally Posted by micmac68 View Post
Attempt #1: Poor, sad little bow!!! All thin looking a yucky-creased!! So what I've learned is 1) I need to use thicker ribbon (I used 7/8 - think I'll try 1.5 next time), and 2) instead of creasing each loop individually, I just need to crease the whole bow at once. I am too embarrassed to post a picture...

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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