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Originally Posted by TeagansMommy2010 View Post
Can someone please help me on how to make a bow like this, I thought they were just tails down bows but all the ones im finding the loops don't look like this one, any input would be helpful! Please. TIA
Stacked bow...
The base is done with spikes from different ribbon colors, but the same width (I think is a 3/8").
Then it comes the brown bow: it is a tail down done with 7/8". Then it comes across a yellow piece of ribbon.
On top an orange polka dot ribbon a little bit smaller (I mean loops are shorter) than the brown.
Finally it comes the white ribbon bow made also of 3/8".

What is really clear is that the three bows: brown, orange and white are tails down. I hope everything I wrote make sense...
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