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Default Re: Homemade bow templates

Originally Posted by jennychaffey View Post
Although I don't own NBNG, I watched their Youtube video for the twisted b.b. The problem I have with it is when you take it off the template. You stick a pin through the center and spread it out to make the front X and the back parallel lines yourself. I have a big problem doing that myself. The great thing about the BBM is that it does the X and the back parallel lines for you. You even permanently secure (I make 2 dots with a wood burning tool) the whole shape BEFORE you take it off the template. Absolutely no need to reshape or fluff. So is the video really how it's used? And of course, there are die-hard fans of each. Tyeesha might have just given up on the twisted. I know I gave up after a year of trying several times. And Tyeesha might be subscribing to this thread like I am.
It's true that different methods work for different people. I, personally, was turned off by the BBM method of securing the bow on the template (i.e. wood burner, stapler?!). I also don't like how the bows turn out once finished (from pics I've seen) - I think the NBNG method makes them turn out nicer (and I've seen others agree with me), but that's just a personal opinion. Again, different methods work for different people.

As for Tyeesha giving up on the twisted, she actually does make beautiful twisteds now as seen on her facebook page:

I didn't mean to come off like a diehard fan...I just wanted to point out that a lot of people disagree with you regarding the NBNG's being "worthless."

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