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Default Re: Homemade bow templates

Originally Posted by jennychaffey View Post
Tyeeshawebb, the twisted boutique template by No Bow No Go template is worthless. The Brilliant Bowmaker template is awesome, but even if you bought one and tried to make another one, it would still be near impossible. It's 3-dimensional. Nobody would post instructions for making one because it would be considered theft. Here's a video of the B.B.

I, as well as many others, couldn't make a twisted boutique bow WITHOUT my No Bow No Go Templates! I bought the Brilliant Bowmaker templates, but I'm not that thrilled with the method from reading through it (haven't opened and tried it yet). I bought the BBM to see what it was like, but have been so busy filling orders, I haven't had the time to try it, yet. Besides, there's no rush, my NBNG templates are definitely all I need...

ETA: Tyeesha wrote posted this over a year ago...I think she might've found a method that works for her by now...
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