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Default Re: Rosette wipe cases...

I think it's beautiful. You did a great job.

Originally Posted by Sunshineshoppe View Post
here's my first try..... I'm not totally happy with the satin ribbon part - can't get the edges to be as smooth as I'd like....
You have got to be kidding me. Although, she has colors we didn't have access to so I wonder if she's going straight to Taiwan to get it which would really lower her cost, I would think.

Originally Posted by Sunshineshoppe View Post
I saw one on etsy today for $13. Uhg. I hope it isn't an HG!
Oh, I haven't done one with the red yet. It's so pretty, and somehow different than the rest of the colors. Softer.

Originally Posted by Sunshineshoppe View Post
second attempt.....
I'll PM you. It takes about 24 inches a case, depending on how much you fold over to give it a clean look, so it really doesn't take much.

Originally Posted by LuvyBug Designs View Post
I have some if you want to try a yard or two.

I would love enough to try one to see. You can pm me the price. I am guessing you use about a yrd per case??
It's a ribbon that there was a buy on.

Originally Posted by mpz28 View Post
THERE BEAUTIFUL Where did u gals get the flower fabric to over the case?

I still have some of the ribbon in hand so if people are interested in some of the extra colors I have, PM me for info.
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