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Default Re: how to make his style

Originally Posted by Sharie80 View Post
So would I. I've given up on this bow for now. I gave in and emailed andjane to ask about a tutorial. I don't know if she's willing to share, so I'm just waiting until I feel like trying this bow again. Back to work on my other bows!
I have to say, andjane's bow are simply spectacular. Did she reply to you about a tut? I'm going to sit down later today and try making some bows. I wonder what will happen? lol

Originally Posted by r_leigh13 View Post
Ok so here is my first attempt. I also did not have any marabou, so I used tulle instead. I for the life of me cannot make a boutique bow. So I just cut the 1.5" ribbon to 6" (I think) and made a bigger version of the little loops and glued them to the spikes as if it were a boutique bow.
If it works, it works! I love the colors you chose!
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