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Default Totts.... (I've gone crazy)

I have had my Totts for about 2 weeks now and its made me more crazy about getting everything just right than I was before.I refuse to move onto a single other bow right now past the Boutique using the bow maker until I get it just right. I cant tell you how many times I have made a bow and then looked at it and pulled (not literally ripped) it apart to start over because I just cant seem to get it "perfect". My hubby keeps saying "Just move onto something else but I'm not a person who can do that. I 've got to get it just right before moving on. Oh and the issue I keep having is with the stupid back tail that you are supposed to pull through the back.. I'm sure I'll get it eventually it's just frustrating because I want to get it right now. LOL

Ok~If you read this little rant thanks and we can move on now.I needed to say it out loud so that it does not drive me crazy all day.
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