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Default Re: LAMBS new RIB-N-RAPS template

Originally Posted by jyoung434 View Post
I use something similar that I actually made, because I cannot do the folding-style creases for the life of me. I used this tutorial: - Show Some Love - Make A Bow but used a flexible cutting board instead of cardboard to make it a bit more sturdy. And instead of the gator bite, I use a jumbo salon clip from Sally's. I haven't yet mastered doing boutique-style bows with it (although I think the LAMB video might have just helped me figure it out!, but pinwheels are a breeze. Here's a pic of what I mean (sorry for the awful picture):
I'm new here and browsing around for an affordable alternative to the Gator Bite for making boutique bows with sufficiently perky loops.

I came across this thread --and this post in particular-- and was wondering if anyone has perfected the Hair-Hardware/Sally's salon clip method.

I've studied the pics in the link and it looks like the clip they are using is the thinner metal kind (loosely resembling a paper clip) and that the thin (bottom?) half should crease the "X" part of the bow, which ultimately becomes the top part of the bow.

I'm guessing that would become easy with practice but that there is some sort of "knack" to shaping the loops so they wind up looking perky/quirky enough.

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