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Default Re: Woven Pen Question

Originally Posted by BowMamaof4 View Post
Yes ma'am! Make sure you weave on the back *tuck under the other ribbons* not just wrap them around. Does that make sense?
Thank you. I THINK it makes sense, I'll come whining again if I still can't get it right...LOL
Originally Posted by daisyrose305 View Post
I haven't bought the tut being sold here so I may not be much help...but I just made mine the same way I would make a headband. By "x" I would assume you are talking about the begining of the weave correct..?? I placed mine the same way as I would have on a headband and just gave them a little pull "upwards" before the glue cooled and then sealed the ends the same way as I do when I finish a headband...HTH!
Originally Posted by pixiesmoon View Post
I went to office depot and go their cheap brand....The pens covered so I dont really think it matters...I just dont get the super skinny ones...
Darn!! I forgot my pens and I was even in the dang isle looking right at them!

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