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Originally Posted by olivia-mom View Post
I love your first bow--so cute! I think that you can use "Stiffen Stuff" and spray it on the korker prior to putting it in the oven, or once you put the bow together, you can shape the korkers then spray. I have never used hairspray--but the Stiffen Stuff works well. I use embroidery thread in a color similar to what I am sewing, and sew through the center of the korkers and then stitch back through the center and tie it in a knot--if that makes sense--that way, you never see the thread...but I love the idea of using the clear thread!!! I have also seen Korker Boxes on eBay--but have never used one.
how many times do you go throw the ribbon--i find it hard to pull a needle through 25 pieces of ribbon too many times!
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