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Default Re: Woven Pen Question

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
I poke the very tip of the pen into cardboard and just weave. As I do each set of weaves, I pull each ribbon to tighten up the weave. Make sense? Makes sense in my head LOL.
That's a good idea. I'll have to try that. thaks!

Originally Posted by pixiesmoon View Post
OMG...The tip of the pen is in my stomach while I weave..I must be retarded.... Now as I look down, I have pen mark on my tummy...
LMAO!! That was me last night trying to weave my first pen...But after the first first pen marks, I got smart and put the cap on that I threw away.. LOL

Originally Posted by daisyrose305 View Post
LOL... as I was trying one the other day I thought "wow it really helps to have a pregnant tummy to hold the pen in place!"
But not sure how I will hold it in place later
LOL There are days, like when I need a 3rd hand or closer table, that I miss my pregnant belly. Not very many, but a few LOL (My baby is 5 months old)

Originally Posted by pixiesmoon View Post
Stay preggers!!!!! LOL

Originally Posted by Gracies Mom View Post
LOL My tummy was also the "holding spot" for the pen, LOL, I didn't even think about the ink on my shirt until afterwards my daughter said

"Mom, how come I get in trouble for writing on myself and you do it too!"

Problem is, I'm not pregnant . . . I'm still trying to lose those last few baby pounds, she's only 6 (years old that is), I'll lose it eventually . .. LOL
LOL Your daughter sounds like mine. LOL She's 16.

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