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Default I have hit 100 posts... Now what? lol

When I first signed up on HG, I was SOOOO incredibly excited to be a part of this forum. So much valuable info and support at a time that I really needed it- I was so close to closing up shop and never making a bow again. But I just keep truckin along. I kind of remember something about after posting 100 posts, you are a senior member... what does that mean? Can I now look at the posts that are "private" or what ever they are called. I know there were a few "private" how-to posts that I have been wanting to see. Anywho... Just wanted to take a second and tell you girls how proud I am to be a part of this forum... I'm still getting my footing with the posting of pictures and learning about GB. I'm trying to keep everyone straight too. But Thank you so much for those that have helped me out along the way. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of info on here! But overwhelmed with info is a good thing!!! Thanks a lot girlies and God Bless!
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