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Default Re: Rosette wipe cases...

I'll answer the questions down the line based off of what I did with the two I have made.
I left the wire in
I glued straight to the case
just hot glued it down
I've tucked edges to give it a cleaner look but I have seen it done with coordinating edging and I thought that was really pretty.

Originally Posted by Blingmom View Post
I have a couple of questions since I've never done this with ribbon,

1) Do you ladies leave the wires in the side?
2) Do you use batting behind or glue it straight to the wipe case?
3) how do you glue it? Are you using modge podge and then hot gluing the edges?
4) Are you tucking the edges in or are you adding something on the edge?

Any other info would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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