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Default Re: Any Etsy sellers here?

Originally Posted by vmommy View Post
I have an Etsy shop but I don't have my own website. I've only had a few sales and have actually been wondering if I might be losing some by only having an Etsy store. Like, if someone goes to my etsy shop from me handing them my business card & then see all the other bows and decide to buy elsewhere -?
For now though, I can't afford a website of my own, so etsy it is! And of the few sales I've had a couple have been from etsy customers, not anyone I've handed a card to, or known me.

Really after all the fees of etsy and everything you might come out cheaper with a website than with etsy. Its just more work getting it set up. (I'm such a procrastinator with mine! lol) I use shoppe pro and only pay $11.95 a month for my website. MyLittleMonsters did my layout and everything. Its a little bit of an initial investment (I think all in all I paid about $100 to have it ALL set up and including EVERYTHING) But its all about whats right for you!!!
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