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Default Re: how to make his style

First of all you guys are all very welcome and I'm glad that I could help

I love the big poof of marabou. I make some like that and others I load up with ribbon so you don't see most of the marabou. I use varying sizes of ribbon from 3/8 to 7/8 and I try to use some grosgrain, satin, and sheer. I made one last night using glitter ribbon and it was super cute. I haven't made one using tulle (I always want to type tool lmao) in place of the marabou but it was super cute!! I have added tulle to some of them along with the ribbon and marabou and I like those as well. I've added all sorts of i\embellishments from crystals to buttons to those beaded spikey things (technical I know) that they sell in the floral department. I use ric rac and elastic double ruffle trim. I think HL is a great place to find interesting ribbon for these bows. I scored some awesome christmas ribbon at Michael's last night for a christmas bow. I've made them with collegiate ribbon (WPS!!! Razorbacks!!) I currently have about 25-30 styles of this bow for sale. I love it and my customers love it. I get bored when I make a "regular" bow now lol the are more creative to me. I hope you all do well with them!!

I do get my marabou in a full boa and just cut off whatever size piece I need.
To do this I put my dust buster between my knees and turn it on (get your minds out of the gutters ladies lol) and cut my marabou over the dust buster so that the feathers that come off don't get everywhere.

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
What do you mean by "reverse on each side" please?
When I choose my ribbon for the bow I choose from 6-10 styles of ribbon. I cut a 5" piece for the spikes and 2 3.5" pieces for the loops. I do one side of the marabou at a time (the marabou sort of forms a line down the middle of the bow) I glue them in whatever order I find most pleasing to the eye. When I start on the other side I go in reverse order. Which ever loop is farthest to the left on one side will be farthest to the right on the other side. I just like the order it gives this "chaotic" bow. But you can be as random as you want to be. That is just what I like to do HTH
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