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Default Re: how to make his style

Originally Posted by keylimey View Post
Well I have gotten as far as cutting some ribbon....the 'non' spikes, and loops. My problem is that do not have that much of a variety in sizes or prints tho Mainly solid colours in 7/8. Most of my prints are 3/8. Thats why I was interested to see exactly what everyone else was using. I also have no marabou, so need a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and maybe I'll be able to assemble something. I am 100% sure that it will not look anything like you lovely ladies have posted!!!

Question: how do you buy your marabou? I seem to remember the last time I saw it you had to buy an entire 'boa' of it.

Excited to see more of everyones pics and progress
I had to buy 6 feet of Boa at Michael's, but it was only about $2.00. Not bad!
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