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Talking My Ebook is ready!!!

I'm so excited!!!

It is finally done! It was a ton of work, but I am so proud of it!!!

Ribbon Sculpture Ebook 1

You may join the support group after you purchase the book.
Just submit your order information when you apply. The support group for help, questions etc is here

This is what's included with suggested retail prices:

Do not shortchange yourself. These take time and practice. I have never had a problem with things selling out at shows. The sales will come as word gets out. There are people all over the world ready to snatch up a well made sculpture. Charge what they are worth! You are worth it too!

Ballet Shoe - $10.00

Cupcakes - $7 to 8.50

Easter Basket - $10.00

Froggie - $9.00

Seashell - $6.50

Goldfish - $6 to $7.50

Lily - $9.50

Turtle -

Violin - $12.00

Ice Cream Cones - $6.50 to $7.50
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!

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