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Default Re: Spikes for layered bows...should be easy, but NOT turning out!

Originally Posted by newtothis View Post
i do mine like this. I cut them and then i put them in what ever order i want them in. i stack them up and i take the one that is going to be the middle spike and i fold it in half so that i can get my center. I put a straight pin in it and then i get all of my other spikes and i do the same. i put a piece of eraser on the back of the straight pin to hold it all together. i fan out my spikes . And i run my needle down the middle. I then remove my straight pin. I squish the ribbons onto the needle and i pull my needle through i wrap my thread around 2 or 3 times and im done. I can post some pics if you want of how i do mine.
This is exacty how I do mine
It's similar to the way in Lynn's spike tutorial on her blog, except I use the straight pin like you described above. And I also sew through and then wrap around
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