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Default Re: 2 1/4 inch ribbon?

I looked EVERYWHERE today! Nothing that I have bought or have bookmarked has instrustions for 2 1/4 inch ribbon.

I have one set of instructions that says to multiply the size of your bow times 6 inches to determine the length of your ribbon

Another set says (Bow Width)x(#Loops+2.5)(extra 2.5 is for allowances) As in: 4in four-looped bow, formula is: 4 x (4 + 2.5) = 26 inches ribbon

* I personally wouldn't use less than 30 inches... but with 2 1/4 inch ribbon, I'm sure you'd want at least a 5 inch bow.
I hth a little.... good luck and pls share if you find anything more!

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