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Default Re: how to make his style

Originally Posted by juliemo View Post
The lady that posted hers along with her pics - that is what I used. I think page 14 or 15?? I did 7 spikes, and 7 loops.

I did put mine onto a clip. I did my spikes (glued time I will sew them and tie them off. I think it will be easier.), then my boutique bow and glued that down onto my spikes. Then stuck that on a clip, like you would any bow. Then I added the puff, and loops. Just becareful that no glue strings get onto your puff...that did happen once, but not too bad.

So did you flip your boutique bow upside down? I know some of you were saying the bow was upside down. I am hoping my little princess will be a happy baby tonight so I can get to work!
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