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Thanks ladies!!

Originally Posted by tabbi0120 View Post
well now i can totally see why that lady wanted to take a picture
lol thanks.. I just REALLY hope she was taking pics to copy the costume instead of being a nutcase.

Originally Posted by Irina1976 View Post
Did you make the costume by yourself? every detail was made by YOU.... including the antennas? I love it.. And the model is beautiful...
Yes ma'am.. well I didnt make the wings I got those from Tanae

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
Cutest Bumblebee I've ever seen!! The antennea's are adorable. I love homemade costumes. I think my kids have almost always had handmade costumes, with help from mymom, of course. I don't sew, I just come up with the ideas and do the embellishing.
lol, I remember all of my costumes being homemade too! I was just always really picky & the stores never sold anything extravagant like I wanted I guess I really was spoiled =/ my poor mom lol
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