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Default Re: Let's talk korkers...

How long do you bake your ribbon for? Minimum of 25minutes, usually around the 40minute mark.

At what temperature? 135 degrees celcius, whatever that translates into your measurements.

Do you get it wet first? Nope!

Do you use starch? Have you found a particular brand that works better than the others? I have used starch and I found that the ribbon would tend to go funny when I sealed the edges. Also I've had a couple of problems with the wood from the dowels leaving marks on the ribbon when using starch.

Do you have any other super secret hints for me? Can't say I have any secrets lol I love making the smaller korker sizes as they are cute and I like small things. I also don't use as many pieces as what other people do. For my small korkers I only use about 18 pieces and they turn out reasonble full. When I first started I was doing the tying technique and my korkers would turn out grose, so now I sew all of mine.

How do you attach it to hair elastic? I make sure that I secure the korker altogether first and then I will sew the korker into the elastic. That way if the elastic breaks or korker comes off then it doesn't break all a part.
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