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Default Bottlecap ? RE: Copyrights

I know this has been discussed before, but I wanted to get more feedback because I'm going to be doing those buttons soon. A few questions:

1. Do you sell them with licensed characters?

2. If so, is it listed on your site or do you only do them if someone asks for something specific?

I know technically it's a copyright issue, but then again I think they sell them for a reason so that may not be to make personal gain from them like you might by putting it in a bow, but still...

We're going to go see Go Diego Go so I plan on making some for Brynnley, but I see the licensed bottle caps all over Ebay, etc. so I was just curious what you all do. I've also seen the ones for the Gymbo lines so I would imagine that would be the same as the licensed characters?
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