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Default Re: I Seriously Hate Jump Rings

When I first started making jewelry years ago I hated jump rings. They always came undone and people were constantly losing their charms and clasps would always come undone where I attached them with a jump ring. But, then, oh then, I discovered Snapeez jump rings. They are self soldering. You use two pairs of chain nose pliers to add them to jewelry. It makes a snapping sound when it solders itself and it's impossible, impossible I tell ya', to get them undone. I have NEVER had one come undone and I'm pretty rough on bracelets.

They have them in sterling silver, but I use the Ultraplate version. It's 99.9% pure silver ultraplate and very, very durable. It's shiny like sterling, doesn't tarnish, doesn't discolor, and always looks like sterling silver. They are about $1.70 less than the sterling ones. They come in gold, and copper, as well.

Here is a video on how they work:

I promise, I'm not a spokesperson for Snapeez. LOL! I just love them!

I get mine here:

Hope this helps.
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