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Default Re: bottlecap and flower loop bow??

Originally Posted by mynameapril View Post
I dont know if anyone else does theirs like this, but when i was first learning to do bottle caps, i found these things in wal-mart and thought they would work, and they did!

what i do is take these felt self-stick floor saver pads that you put under furniture legs when you move it, i cut them down to the size to fit inside the bottle cap and hot glue it in there. Then, when that's done, your bottle cap should have a flat back and then you can just add glue and glue it to your bow...
hope that little trick helps you.
Those are the ones I use.....I have been able to fit them perfectly in the back of the bottle cap. The only times I have had to cut them is when I am using the deer pedestals that I use for camo bows.
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