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Default Re: bottlecap and flower loop bow??

sorry it took me so long to tell everyone thanks! my internet has been messing up lately
Originally Posted by mynameapril View Post
I dont know if anyone else does theirs like this, but when i was first learning to do bottle caps, i found these things in wal-mart and thought they would work, and they did!

what i do is take these felt self-stick floor saver pads that you put under furniture legs when you move it, i cut them down to the size to fit inside the bottle cap and hot glue it in there. Then, when that's done, your bottle cap should have a flat back and then you can just add glue and glue it to your bow...
hope that little trick helps you.
that's a really good idea, thanks! i went out and got some
Originally Posted by Lilysmomma View Post
i get wood circles at HL and glue them in with e6000 and hot glue and then attach them the same way on the flower.
it took me FOREVER to find these at my HL, i thought they didn't carry them! the only ones i could find had letters printed on one side??
Originally Posted by laurennicole630 View Post
along the same lines... do you guys wrap the center of your bow with grosgrain first and then put the bottlecap on?

Normally i just do a center knot, but i just bought a whole bunch of bottlecaps and want to experiment putting these on bows.

I wasn't sure if you guys still add the grosgrain center to these
instead of making a center knot, leave the ribbon you are wrapping around without a knot, e6000 the middle part of that ribbon into the bottle cap and once it dries then wrap around and glue the ends.. that way your wrap around ribbon is very strongly glued to the inside of the bottle cap and you don't have to worry about it popping off
Originally Posted by tlrnurse View Post
I go to the craft section at Wal-mart and I buy a bag of Elmer's FOAM BEADS. I buy the one with assorted shapes. There are 150 in one bag and I think they only cost a couple dollars. They are supposed to be to make little necklaces for girls and what not. But I put a drop of E6000 on one side then stick it to the bow, E6000 on the other side and stick the bottle cap to it. They are the perfect thickness, and perfect width so there is no cutting involved. I was just walking through with the kids one day asking myself the same question...what could I use? Then I found these. The best is they are super cheap!! I have never had a complaint. Also, yes I do still add the grosgrain ribbon to all of mine because I think it looks neater from the side to "hide the layers" in the stacked bows. HTH!
i don't think i've ever heard of those before.. i'm going to have to look next time i go to the store! cheaper is always better!!

thanks for all the ideas everyone! i'm going to try all of these ways and decide which one i like for myself.. thanks! just waiting on my bottle caps to get here first!
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