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Default Re: Double layered tutu

Originally Posted by foxygirlcrafts View Post
I used a crochet headband for several that I made - put one layer on the top and then one layer on the bottom of the headband. This also allowed the tutu to be reversible. I did a purple and white layer on the top and then a purple and black layer on the bottom. She was going to use one side for Halloween and then more "pretty" for later on when Purple and white with hints of black.
that's a good idea! i'm going to be attempting my first tutu dress soon, and i've heard crochet headbands are great for those too..
Originally Posted by lilmisstutu View Post
Thank you so much for the nice comments.

My bottom layer is usually 50 yards. I use the 6 in tulle ribbon. The second and third level ususually are a roll maybe roll and a half.

I do not have a link. It really is just my crazy method.
yeah i'm totally confused now as far as what you mean about where you place the 2nd layer.. do you think you could post a pic, like just pointing out where you put your second layer? WOW! how in the world can you use that much tulle and still have the prices so cheap?? hope you don't live in OK, i'll never have any business
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