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Default Re: my sweet baby girls 1st halloween

You did a great job! That has to be one of the cutest outfits ever! Your dd is pretty cute too.

Originally Posted by hawinfield View Post
I used a white onesie and cut right under the armpits and stitched it so it stayed down, then i just took fringe i got from joanns and used fabri-tac. Then just some blue satin ribbon for the straps and across the top (i had no idea what else to use, i was having creative thinking- block). Thats it! I looked for a royal blue onesie but i had limited time, i had to get it done today so i just used a white one.

Cute story- I went to get red fringe, but only could find cheap thin ugly stuff, and they had emerald and orange fringe (my least favorite colors) so i was like crap... i dont want to make a green dress, so i pulled it out and saw blue hidden. So I was like ok awesome. I bought it and came home. I was planning on using a white nagorie feather pad for her headband, so i go to pull it out and right on top is a royal blue pad. I think I was supposed to make her a blue one. That just doesnt happen. I got lucky and made something that matched. I also had a huge royal blue gem for the headband... luck!
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