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Default Re: Any ideas on how to make this kanzashi double flower?

Originally Posted by piggysplace View Post
Beautiful work! OK, so you hand sew both together and then add the petals to the long thread to gather up all of them to make the flower shape?
Let's see if I can explain it a bit clearer..i'm horrible at explaining things! sorry

Lets start with the large pointy petal. Basically I take a square of grosgrain ribbon (probably either 1.5" or 2" width size). Take the first square, bring one corner to the other corner to make like a triangle. Then while it's in a triagle shape fold it over again to make a smaller triangle. Then just bring the one side over to the other so it's flush against each other. At that point, I then cut the end about 1/2" or less at the end and put the pin through it to keep it's shape. I repeat those steps to make 6 other pointy petals waiting to be strung together once I make the rounded set.

The rounded set I take a smaller width size ribbon (usually for 1.5" I will use 7/8" and for the 2" I usually use either 1.5" or 7/8 depending on the look I want)
So, you cut a square of the ribbon size you want. you bring one corner to the other corner to make a triange (similar to the pointy petal). (This is where it differs from the pointy petal) Now that you have a triange, bring the right side corner down to the bottom point and do the same with the left. (You will have a similar look to either a diamond or wings folded..if you hold it side ways it will look like a square) So, now your holding it so it looks like a diamond. take the point on the right and bring it 1/2 way behind and the same with the left side. Then take both sides and bring them is a bit tricky at first but then I pin it at the bottom and cut 1/2" at the bottom and I actually sew each one.

so now you have 6 pointy petals and 6 rounded petals. I then take a pointy petal and slip the smaller rounded petal into the pointy petal and thread it on the thread..keep the pin in because it will lose it's tight form. Do this for all petals and then once you get them all on the thread you can take all the pins out and then pull both ends together to form a circle.

I hope that helps..i really should make a you tube video lol
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