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Default Re: For those whose twisted boutique bows fold in on themselves

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
I don't think I could make a bow without my gator bite! The crease is so important, and with the Gator Bite I get it right everytime with no real effort. I tie it off (on the back!) and then I run a needle and thread through if it is for someone else, and the ones that are just for me I tie off. I actually bought a 2nd gator bite just in case I lose my 1st one
Yes, I love mine too. I actually ordered a 2nd one yesterday in case mine breaks. LOL. Seriously I could not make bows without it. The teeth are important for gripping and the crease! I so agree.

ldelzer, but when I fold mine with the GB and tie off toward the front, it creases us like a "W" so if I tie it towards the back it makes the "M". I didn't realize the shape of the crease was so important. For me, it just works if I tie it off toward the back.

As far as the length, I am kinda weird b/c I hand fold and don't measure. I just fold the ribbon off the spool and eye ball it and then cut when I have the shape I want.
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