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Default Re: For those whose twisted boutique bows fold in on themselves

Originally Posted by JustDaisy View Post
OKAY I JUST SAW I can clarify......About the FRONT of the BOW. I said once you have your loops done you flip it so the FRONT is facing you when you TIE it you WRAP your THREAD BACK(UNDER and OVER) to FRONT NOT FRONT to BACK(Over and Under)
Sorry if you were misquoted. I didn't read your entire thread and I did not purchase your instructions. I just saw one person ask about tying off the bow and I thought you said to tie it towards the back. In any case I do not use needle and thread so I just use floss and tie it. Whatever I did from what I thought was your advice has helped my bows tremendously so thank you, regardless of whether I got your info right or not. LOL.
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