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Default Re: How do you waterproof bottle caps using Epoxy Stickers?

Originally Posted by justjoan View Post
I think there's a decimal point missing - you wouldn't need 20 ounces each for 50 caps
Your right, oops, I meant 20 grams!

Originally Posted by girlyexpressions View Post
Thank you all very much for the input. I bought ET Lite last night (smaller size with coupon just want to try it out before too much commitment) and I can't wait to try it out. Any suggestions for this? I would greatly appreciate. I saw baking??? wouldn't that ruin the image or bubble the resin?

Bottle Cap Maker Newborn.
I wouldn't bake them, I tried that once as someone recommended and it cooked the caps in like 5 minutes and melted the resin all down the sides and I had a mess of about 50 bottle caps, all in one sheet. And it ruined the edges of the images.

Be sure to use a lighter (I use a bbq lighter, target has a bunch in the dollar section and they are now 50% off!) and run it over the resin about 5 minutes after you apply the resin to get the bubbles out.
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