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Default Re: bottlecap and flower loop bow??

I go to the craft section at Wal-mart and I buy a bag of Elmer's FOAM BEADS. I buy the one with assorted shapes. There are 150 in one bag and I think they only cost a couple dollars. They are supposed to be to make little necklaces for girls and what not. But I put a drop of E6000 on one side then stick it to the bow, E6000 on the other side and stick the bottle cap to it. They are the perfect thickness, and perfect width so there is no cutting involved. I was just walking through with the kids one day asking myself the same question...what could I use? Then I found these. The best is they are super cheap!! I have never had a complaint. Also, yes I do still add the grosgrain ribbon to all of mine because I think it looks neater from the side to "hide the layers" in the stacked bows. HTH!
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