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Default Re: Which bow should I tackle first?

Originally Posted by SerendipityBoutique View Post
Before you go and spend the money try this video. I made my own templates till they just kept wearing out so I bought the NBNG.
This video was made by a fellow hip girl. Helped me a lot!
This is a good video!!!

I made my templates from cardboard (from a brown box) so they will last long. I tried a few techniques and w/a template the loops comes out more even so I'm happy with the results. Here is my recent work...

I started my bow hobby (around 3-4 month ago) making the twisted bows and I got really frustrated!!! so I stopped and started doing pinwheels... I love them and they are so easy, after a few weeks I came back to the twisted bows and now I feel comfortable but I still some practice...

Good luck
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