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Default Which bow should I tackle first?

Hi! I have been spending too much time on this forum lately but it's a good thing. Reading through posts I got to one of a senior member advicing another member that she was tackling the harder bows first. This made me think if maybe I am doing the same thing?

I did take a bow making class at Joann's but the teacher wasn't a skilled one and really left the place without any knowledge of making bows. Talk about a waste of money! She did show us some clippies and that's is how I found this GREAT forum.

So, which is a good bow to start with? I need somebody to help me and guide me so I can start making decent bows and not giving up. Should I start with a pinwheel? Twisted? Clippies?

I should add that I have bought MANY tuts on bow making, videos and watched many more... So I know it takes patience (running short on that) and practice but my point is I need to practice on bows that are easier. I have been attempting to make a twisted with JustDaisy tut and that is not going too good so again that might be a hard bow to start with?


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