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Default Re: Wondering what is the best glue to use with velvet ribbon?

Some ppl don't like it because of the fumes (hv to admit, it does smell but I guess I'm *immune* to it Someone mentioned about Magna Tac as well but I've never use it yet, personally.

Soon after I posted my first, I did noticed you're in about that.

Tips on the E6000, well, it used to be *ditch-the-nozzle* but Sabine just posted there's a way to keep the nozzle unclogged. But, you could still use the *ditch-the-nozzle* method, squeeze it unto a paper plate (no plastic,, and use a toothpick or wooden popsicle stick to apply. Better and absolutely good to *control* when applying it. =)

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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