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Default Re: tutorial for this flower?

Thanks for the feedback ladies! All I did was start w/a 6" strip of felt (acrylic) that was 1 1/2" wide (you'll probably need 4 of these). I folded it in half, pinned it to stay shut (on the open side of the fold of course), and then I cut slits on the folded side of the felt. I then sewed a running stitch along the open end (removing pins as you go of course)....I would sew a little then pull the thread to make the felt "curl" into a circle. Once it's the size of a circle you like, just cut the rest of the felt off and sew the "circle" shut. I repeated this step for all layers, gradually making them smaller. Once all were done I just put a thin layer of glue around the "hole" in the middle of the circle and stacked/glued them together. I had to tweak the very top a little by taking the small circle piece (with 3-4 slits) and I tucked it into the hole of the 2nd smallest layer (and added a few stitches to hold them together) just to round off the top. Hope this makes sense! LOL......oh yeah....I didn't do any "rolling" of the felt either?
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