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Default Re: tutorial for this flower?

Originally Posted by saldwal View Post
no tutu frilly, you did a great job. i love it! i tried it too but mine is a little wilder looking. i like it but i want to make it to look round like yours. yours looks like acrylic felt? how big is it and how long of a piece did you use to get it that size? is there a trick in getting the rounded look? i ran a thread thru the bottom of my strip and gathered then started rolling. i would like to skip the running thread. i also used a wool felt and its pretty stiff. it does make a pretty pin but i am looking to make them just like you!! spill please.

I tried it too. My first one I did not glue the bottom edge shut before I rolled,and the 2 layers shifted on me and gave my petals a "twisted" look. The second one I did glue. I ran a small strip of hot glue down the long edge and glued together, then I cut my slits and rolled. It turned out much more uniform!
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